Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are organized in an informal and convivial atmosphere, and each guest is actively involved in the kitchen.

The choice of ingredients, the food preparation and the cooking is all done under the supervision of our Chef.

Tuscan cuisine is unique and based on the simplicity of raw materials, cooked with skillful craftsmanship.

Tuscan history speaks of agriculture and simple living, therefore we find in these dishes the use of ingredients of the common people who could not afford luxuries in the kitchen - olive oil that replaced lard, vegetables as a base for the soups instead of meat, chestnut flour, and so on.

There was a period around the XII century when the taxes for salt grew to such an excess that the people began to bake their bread without it - Tuscan bread (pane Toscano) is traditionally unsalted to this day and combines with the tasty specialties of the Chianti Zone well.

Together with our chef we will assemble genuine ingredients using ancient culinary traditions, genuine methods of preparation, and a love for Italian cuisine.

The course is 2 to 3 hours long, and afterwards we will eat together to test the results, accompanied by our wine of course, which is always very good!

A sample menu:

  • crostini di fegatini di pollo (crostini of chicken livers)

  • pasta fresca al rag├╣ di cinghiale (fresh pasta with wild boar sauce)

  • trippa alla fiorentina (Florentine tripe)

  • cantuccini (traditional biscuits)

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