Winery : Harvest

The harvest at Casa al Vento is a ritual, a celebration of the season, and a step towards the long-awaited wine that will come.

The grapes are carefully selected and only the best bunches are picked, those that have reached full maturation.

The cutting of the vines is done manually. The grape is placed in a little basket, the stalks are separated from the fruit and the best grapes are carefully selected on the sorting table. Everything is done by hand, everything is done with passion. This is how we achieve the best results from every harvest.

The grapes are then gently crushed and brought to the cantina where, amongst intense profumes, they will ferment and magically transform into wine. A careful selection of wood further refines the wine and prepares it for the bottle within 18 months.

Grape Harvest Photo Album
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Casa al Vento harvest video

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